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For nearly 25 years, AskNow has been one of the most reputable source of online psychic readings. Their mediums are thoroughly screened and tested for true psychic abilities, compassion and talent. You will be blown away by how accurate and authentic they are!

AskNow is mostly known for their superior love and relationship readings, but they also have mediums who specialize in other essential life issues such as money, work, career and more. You can count on them to give you the best insight possible in the most professional way.

If you are looking for a phone or chat service that will not disappoint, you can rest assured that this network will provide an accurate reading into what is troubling you at the moment.

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How Do Psychic Readings Work ?

Many people wonder what to expect when contacting a psychic reading service for the first time. While each psychics has their own personal process and intuitive tool of preference, they offer much more comprehensive insight than what most people might expect. They focus relationships, work, stress issues, career, dreams, family and every other area of life. The approach is holistic, meaning that they take into consideration all factors of your life. Whether or not you believe in psychic capabilities you will be able to benefit from the insights and advice given to you.

Benefits Of A Psychic Reading

Life is complicated! So many choices and options, ever hear of decision fatigue? It can be tempting to look for answers and insight in unusual places. People have gone to psychics and oracles for most of history and getting some insight into life choices and the future can help to aliviate stress and make better decisions.

How is a Psychic Reading Beneficial to You ?

Each session is different and tailored to you and your specific questions about your life and your relationships. Here are some general areas where readings have been applied:

        • Future Preparation - Getting some foresight into future events can be exciting and comforting. This is probably the main reason people visit psychics. They can also help you understand why certain events or trends in your life keep on repeating. With this understanding in hand, you can make different choices and avoid unpleasantness instead of repeating the same cycles over and over again.
        • Search for Love - If you are single, a psychic may be able to point you in the right direction and sort out what type of person might be best suited for you. The psychic can pinpoint subtleties in your personality that make you an ideal match for a certain type of person. They can also review with you the difficulties of past relationships, help you understand the underlying difficulties and help you avoid them in the future. You deserve a loving and lasting relationship in your life!
        • Career Focus - Psychics help people to unearth their most profound desires for their lives. This can lead to newfound opportunities and new life paths. If you have questions about a career of business move you are considering, this can be the right kind of conversation to have.
        • Dealing with Loss - Losing a loved one is a difficult time. A psychic can help with getting closure and processing some events with a different perspective. In some instances, a spiritual reading may alleviate the grief and sorrow and help recuperate peace of mind.

Trustworthy psychics have assisted people from all walks of life to deal with their everyday and not so common problems and challenges. Getting the advice from someone who is not emotionally involved in the situation is always helpful.

Benefits of a psychic reading

Life is complicated! So many choices and options, ever hear of decision fatigue? It can be tempting to look for answers and insight in unusual places. People have gone to psychics and oracles for most of history and getting some insight into life choices and the future can help to aliviate stress and make better decisions.

Some Popular Types of Psychic Readings

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot cards have been used for centuries to answer questions and look at future life trends. They can also be used to have a look at past events too. It’s a great tool to explore your options and weight in the consequences of different choices. At the beginning of the session, the card reader will shuffle the cards while concentrating on your question and lay them out to pick out a specific number of cards depending on the type of spread they will be using. Each picked card will be laid out and turned up. The card reading will begin around the question that you asked to focus on.

You can also request an open reading. This type of reading is more like casting a wide net around a life event such as a new job, a relationship, a move or any other major life change that you are currently considering. The reading will give you a bird’s eye view of the situation and assist in your decision making process.

Love Psychics

A love reading deals with perhaps one of the most complex and unpredictable experiences of human life — our love lives. You may have questions such as : do he or she feel the same way about you or whether your relationship is leading to a serious commitment or not. You may be concerned about a relationship and wonder if it’s going to get better or worse. During the love reading you will be talking informally about your love life. This process allows the psychic to gain insight into your situation and use this for your reading.


Did you know that the numbers in your birth date and name can reveal a lot about who you are and what are the best life opportunities for you. Every letter in the alphabet corresponds to a number and when you add them up, you get your personal numbers. During your reading, the numerologist will be able to also find the current life cycle you are going through and how you can best handle it’s challenges. Numerology is also an excellent tool to run a compatibility test with a loved one or someone you are considering a more serious relationship with. You will find out where in the relationship you connect best and the areas that need more work.


Psychic medium use their intuitive talents to access information that is not available with our five senses. They know how to reach beyond and find answers by communicating with deceased loved ones or your spiritual guides. Mediums can sit with one person or work in front of a group or audience like some popular, world renowned mediums. They can contact different types of spirits during a session and give you messages from loved ones who have passed. This is a unique opportunity to ask questions you wish you had asked when the person was still with you. Working with a psychic medium in this manner can bring closure and peace of mind.

Which Type of Psychic Reading Should You Request ?

Finding the psychic reading best suited for your needs and requests starts with self-reflection. It is important to first have a look at what you are looking for, what questions will you want to ask your psychic reader and determine your expectations for the reading. Once you have answered these questions for your self, look at out top recommended psychics and find one that appeals to you. While your fist glance might be to look at prices only, try to consider which site best responds to your needs and questions.